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Welcome to Bellwether

We aim to give the children a happy, settled and structured environment in which to work and play. The desire is to develop the individuality of each child and we hope that all children will leave us ready to become independent learners.
Learning is a joyful journey that begins from young and continues throughout our lives culminating in a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. Our philosophy is based on love and respect for each child. We understand and accept that each child is a special and unique individual and a beautiful gift entrusted into our care.

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Bellwether Way

Our Priority is the happiness of our children in a supportive environment that enables each chidl to develop and shine.

Expert Team

Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.

First Steps

When a child steps through our doors we aim to take them on a exhilarating journey of learning, growth and discovery

Bellwether’s “i-Learn” is Beyond your Imagination

Engaging & Meaningful learning experienc with i-Learn

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The first school in India to articulate a program which takes early childhood education to its next level. Children are encouraged to construct their own knowledge by pursuing personal goals, guided by teachers as facilitators who understand the important learning areas for children in the preschool years. Active Learning is the centre of Bellwether’s “i-Learn” Program. Our New Academic session begins with “i-learn” and has expanded across geographical boundaries avaliable for children pan India.
Welcome to Bellwether’s “i-Learn”

Parent Testimonials

Ranjith Kumar

Ranjith Kumar

Nice school…..  🙂




My son njoys going to school ,learning new topics and i have found the staffs are very friendly and approachable. Great school, great place, and they work with my kid is amazing!!

Amrutha Deven

Amrutha Deven


Very happy with Bellwether and their encouragement. Happy to see my son not bored!! The standard of teaching and their creative ideas are truly nice. Iam their first batch parent. my son learned somuch and most of all, the staffs makes us to feel like family.

Vikram Kela

Vikram Kela


Nice School…..

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Regular School Timings

Mon to Fri : 9.30 am to 3 pm
Sat : 9.30 am to 2 pm

After School Program Timings

Mon to Sat: 5 pm to 8.30 pm