Prekindergarten At Bellwether

At Bellwether, Kindergarten children are encouraged to participate in individual and group activities where they explore the rich, stimulating environment and resources made available related to the unit. Here children dig deeper into understanding their units by using the inquiry based approach.
Our program touches upon all the developmental areas – Cognitive; Language and Communication; Creativity and Imagination; Personal, Social and Emotional; and Physical development during the day. Our extra ordinary pre kindergarten program provides curiosity – driven key early interventions and developmentally appropriate learning experiences. The integrated and interdisciplinary learning system, along with engaging and hands-on activities, ensures that all our children are successful learners

Our Education

Language and Arts

Bellwether children develop literacy through natural exposure, play-based experiences, and expert, tailored instruction.
Our program builds a solid foundation for all four skill areas LSRW (listening, speaking, reading and writing)

  • Sing and listen to songs, poems, and nursery rhymes

  • Listen to books and stories read aloud

  • Distinguish and work with the sounds of letters and words

  • Start to learn the alphabet   and its sounds

  • Phonemic awareness

  • Discover written language and develop the fine motor skills for writing


For young children, science is about observing, questioning, wondering, experiencing, and making connections. We capitalize on children’s curiosity and encourage exploration.
We take a multisensory approach–all senses are on alert as the students touch, taste, smell, and look at everything. Our “Little Farmer” Program will nurture children’s innate curiostiy about the environment and plants.


Math is integrated into activities and games the children engage in throughout their day. Students develop their sense of number and quantity, through counting, sorting, classifying, comparing, and matching. From circle time to P.Ed classes, natural opportunities to develop these skills present themselves.
At this stage of development, students need to interact with physical objects and images. In both integrated and dedicated math instruction, students:

  • Build toward fluency with numbers

  • Lay the foundation for numerical operations

  • Observe and learn shapes and their attributes

  • Gain familiarity with concepts and representations of space and time

  • Recognize written number

Physical Development and Movement

We are the only school at RS Puram with a well-structured curriculum “ATOM” for Physical Education and with a dedicated team of Physical Educators. We prioritize physical experiences that contribute to children’s motor, sensorial, emotional and intellectual development. Students participate in activities in our dedicated space appropriately equipped for young children to develop balance and coordination.

  • Students develop their motor skills through:

  • Different types of movement (e.g., climbing, crawling, rolling)

  • Coordination and sequencing of movements (yoga, dance)

  • Balance and awareness of their own bodies in space

  • Play with objects (e.g., throwing and catching)

Social and emotional Learning

we believe that social emotional learning paves the way for students to succeed in school and in life. SEL begins in preschool and continues throughout students’ education .
Our teachers are trained to help children become aware of their own emotions and begin to regulate them. Our Learning Methodology  promotes positive, peaceful behaviours by helping Children to develop self-awareness and self-regulation.

Cognitive Development
Bellwether’s Curriculum identifies the cognitive developmental milestones of a preschool child.

  • Spatial relationships

  • Questioning

  • Problem solving

  • Imitation

  • Memory

  • Number sense

  • Classification

  • Symbolic play

Working Hours

Regular School Timings

Mon to Fri : 9.30 am to 3 pm
Sat : 9.30 am to 2 pm

After School Program Timings

Mon to Sat: 5 pm to 8.30 pm

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